Attract Perfect Clients...
with EASE!
In this Master Class
Secret #1
Secret #2
Secret #3
What you can do with your website (almost immediately after the training is over) to start getting more inquiries from your website.

Many coaches are making some crucial errors that are driving ideal clients away.

By the end of this training, you'll have a clear plan of what edits to make right away to start getting more leads and sales.
Some key factors you'll want to consider when setting your prices, so that you and your client both have a better chance of success.

Specifically, there's one common trap that new and struggling coaches fall into when setting their prices that can actually DAMAGE their reputation...

...and cause Ideal Clients to run to for the hills!
My 'Triple Win' approach to business building that ensures you'll have enough money, meaningful impact and personal fulfillment.

Many mentors and trainers still teach this in the "conventional" way, which simply doesn't work for most "helpers and healers."

You'll learn how to have it ALL in your business!
This is a "Must Attend" If:
You're a NEW coach, healer, therapist or counsellor and you want to start attracting Ideal Clients quickly to your business.
You've been in business for awhile and are starting to notice that what used to work, isn't as effective these days (and you want to get back up to speed, FAST).
You have a "successful" business, but are feeling unfulfilled and aren't sure what to do to become reinspired.
A Note from Kerry...
My name is Kerry Vega, and I am a Business Trainer, Practice Building Success Coach, Counsellor, Counselling Supervisor, Wife, and Mom to two little ones.

After working within large government organizations as a counsellor, workshop trainer, and advocate, I began my journey into private practice in 2003.

I've learned what works (and what doesn't) when it comes to building a thriving practice, and I'm excited to share them with you!
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