Welcome to Unleash YOUR Genius!

A 90-day program for coaches, therapists, counsellors and healers who want to reach more people, make a more significant impact, make more money (this year)... while also enjoying their lives outside of business to the fullest.

Crack-the-Code on how to have a business that makes money, makes a meaningful difference for people AND gives you the lifestyle you dream of!

You're Invited to Discover the Unique Genius that only YOU can bring to your business, and infuse it in your marketing, branding and selling processes... so that you attract "Perfect-for-You" clients with ease, simply by bringing more of YOU to your business!

Imagine having a business that easily supports you financially, changes people's lives and allows YOU to enjoy the lifestyle you dream of for yourself and your family.

That’s the journey we’d love to take with you.

You’re amazing - let’s let the world know.

Kerry Vega & Paul Keetch

Here’s How We’ll Unleash YOUR Genius, in the Next 90 Days (or Less!)

You’re probably wondering what Unleash Your Genius includes and how we’re going to help you infuse YOUR Genius in your business to start attracting “perfect-for-you” clients, right away.

Unleash Your Genius consists of two key elements:

5 “Get it Done” Online Workshops,

made up of short video & audio trainings - each with simple action steps to help you apply what you’re learning, in real time.

Personalized Support & Guidance,

to double-check your work and ensure you’re on the right track, every step of the way!

Meet Your Mentors

Kerry Vega

Paul Keetch

With a Masters degree in Clinical Counselling, Kerry Vega has transformed into a business Trainer, Practice Building Success Coach, as well as Counsellor, Counselling Supervisor, Wife, and Mom to two little ones.

Her direct experience in the therapy/counselling worlds, give her a unique perspective when it comes to helping other therapists (and coaches) develop their brands to easily attract pre-qualified, ready-to-get-started clients.

Paul Keetch has worked behind-the-scenes with some of the leaders of the Personal & Professional Development industry, including Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer & Marianne Williamson.

His problem solving skills and online marketing expertise will help you implement your Genius Brand and get your message out to the world in ever bigger ways using the power of the internet!

Together they form the basis for Genius Business Academy, a place for coaches, therapists, healers and counsellors to get the guidance and advice they need to truly thrive in their practice!

5 “Get it Done” Online Workshops

($997 value)

We believe in an “applied learning” philosophy, where it’s best to put the information to use right away, instead of hoping to remember to use it at a later time.

That’s why each of the 5 “Get it Done” Online Workshops, each of which walks you through the 4 Keys to Unlocking Your Genius Brand(along with a bonus Implementation Workshop) is broken down into small, easily managed chunks, with specific action steps to apply what you’re learning in real-time, so you can see real progress, as quickly as possible!

Each Workshop is designed to maximize your retention, while building sequentially, one segment, one module at a time, leading you steadily towards the finish line.

Workshop #1 - Vision

In this Workshop you'll create your Personal Business Vision, a bright mental image of what you want your business to be like, feel like and act like.

Workshop #2 - Your Message

In this module, you'll learn a 5-step process to uncover your message, and the core idea of what you stand for in business. 

Workshop #3 - Your Audience

By the end of this workshop, you'll know how to pick your specific audience, how to know which clients are the best for you, and how to know, out of all the problems that you CAN help clients with, which one is best to pick and become known for?

Workshop #4 - Identity

Now that you have clarity on what YOU stand for as an individual, let's get you clear on what your BUSINESS stands for.  In this workshop we will cover your Business Identity, also known as branding.

As a Service Based Business, YOU are your business, so your Business Brand is an extension and a reflection of You.

This process is not about your logo, brand colors, your website or business cards, although it will inform those areas, when you're ready.  It's about creating and establishing a FEELING for your business.

Workshop #5 - Implement

In this module, I'll walk you through the process of truly ""unleashing"" your genius into the world in the most important areas, so that you can begin to attract Your Perfect Clients into your business, help more people and create the lifestyle you've been yearning for."

Personalized VIP Support & Guidance

($2491 value)

We believe strongly that, information without the opportunity to get support when needed - for clarification, refinement, confirmation or revisions - most business owners will revert back to their “old normal”.

That’s why, in addition to the 5 Get-It-Done Online Workshops, Unleash Your Genius also includes access to ongoing feedback, reviewing your milestones, and the personalized guidance you’ll need to help you achieve your goals.

Your 90-Day Support Package includes:

90 Days group coaching calls ($997 value)

You're invited to join either myself or Paul live on Zoom, twice per month, for the next 90 days, where you can get all your questions answered by us personally, about how the Unleash Your Genius Core Training can be applied in YOUR Unique life and business

These group sessions are an opportunity for you to get personalized support whenever you’re stuck or need to work through something in your business.

These sessions are your chance to receive the ‘just-in-time’ feedback you need to keep moving forward. And you’ll be clear and confident about the decisions you’re making along the way.

All calls are recorded and posted to your online membership site within 48 hours or less.  If you can’t make a call, you can email your question and we’ll be sure to answer it so you can listen to the recording!

Personalized Milestone & Progress Tracker ($997 value)

This personalized milestone sheet is where you’ll record your work as you go through the training segments and modules.

We will share access to your Personal Milestone Document where you'll put all your homework from the training videos for us to review.

You'll also receive Priority Milestone Email Support, from us - any time you update your milestone, just let us know and we'll check it out within 3 business days, so you can always get help, even between the Personal Group Mentoring calls.

Clients Only Facebook Group ($497 Value)

Join with your Fellow Genius' in our Members Only Community to support one another, cheer each other on, offer support and resources and build friendships (and partnerships) that will last a lifetime!

Core Program Value: $3488.00

Plus a Suite of Bonuses to Maximize Your Return and Accelerate Your Growth

Bonus #1 - $497 Value
Private, 1-on-1 Next Steps Action Call

At the end of 90 days you’ll have the opportunity to get on the phone for a 20-minute Next Steps Action Call.

Together we’ll review any lingering questions you may have about your Genius Brand and identify the most appropriate next steps for you to take, based on your goals and aspirations.

You’ll leave this session with a clear understanding of what to do next, to maintain and increase the momentum you’ve generated during our 90 days together!

Bonus #2 - $997 Value
1 Ticket to Unleash Your Genius LIVE!

Unleash Your Genius LIVE is a 3-day workshop where you’ll have the chance to “get it done” right there, on the spot, with our eyes looking at your work, every step of the way.

Online programs are great, but sometimes people need the extra urgency (not to mention the incredible connections) of live, real-time support.

Unleash Your Genius live is held in Vancouver, BC (Canada) several times per year.

Bonus #3 - $297 Value
Lifetime Access to the Unleash Your Genius Facebook Community

The journey of being a business owner is unique… one that many of your family and friends may not fully understand.

This vibrant online community is a place to share wins, challenges and feedback with people who truly understand the journey you’re on.

We believe “a rising tide floats all boats” and that the best way to win is if we win together.  In that spirit, we are here to support one another every step of the way.

You'll be a welcome member of our community, even after your VIP Support Package has come to an end.

Core Program Value: $3488
Bonus Package Value: $1791

Total Package Value: $5279.00
Your Investment Today,  Just $997 CAD 
(or 3 installments of $350 CAD)

Our Commitment to YOUR Success…

We stand so solidly behind this program, and the Genius Branding process we’ve used for ourselves along with countless clients, that we want to make it totally risk free for you.

Register today and get started with the online training modules.

Complete the assignments and send them to us for feedback and review.

Use the resources available to you and participate fully… then go out and USE the Genius Branding material you create in all of your marketing.

If you don’t recoup at least your investment back in new business in the first one year after the program, we’ll cut you a cheque for the difference.

The only caveat is that YOU must hold up your end of the agreement and do the work to grow your business.

If that’s you, we’d love to get started.

Imagine what's possible, just 90 days from today...

...feeling confident when talking about your business, even with perfect strangers…

...having the “right words” at the tip of your tongue whenever someone asks, “So, what do you do?”...

...knowing that you are set up to make a massive difference in the lives of your clients - a difference that goes far beyond just relieving their discomfort, and really makes an impact in their life as a whole…

...waking up excited and eager to start your day, knowing you’re doing the work you love, for people you enjoy, while earning a consistent income you and your family can rely on…

We’ll do everything in our power to help you make this a reality in your life, when you join us in Unleash Your Genius.