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Imagine you could double - even triple - your Strategy Session conversion rate, while LOVING every minute of each conversation.

Just think of how much more time, energy and money you'd have to use... in whatever way YOU want to use them.

Perhaps you'd finally buy yourself that special treat or toy you've had your eyes on, invest it for your future, or your children's future, or even finally set off on that Big Adventure you've been planning for so long.

There's only one problem.

Having those enjoyable, ethical and EFFECTIVE conversations.

After all, don't you need to hire a professional salesperson to do that?

Well, sure, if you have oodles of cash in the bank.

Typically, professional salespeople need a base salary OR high commissions... with enough leads to keep them busy.

That kinda makes it hard to get started, doesn't it?

Fortunately, there's an easier way.

With Soulful Selling On-Demand Training, you can finally feel confident every time you pick up the phone (or fire up Zoom) to speak with a potential client.

With our in-depth, On-Demand Training, you'll get:

It's like having your very own professional salesperson (which you will - YOU!)…

Minus the expensive salary, high commissions and need for a consistent, reliable flow of high-quality leads for them to talk to in order for them to feel profitable working with you, and want to stick around.

You could ignore this offer and continue...

... stressing out and getting nervous and anxious before every sales conversation

... getting off the phone with the feeling that you could have helped that person, if you'd just been able to TALK to them better, without stammering or sounding uncertain

... comparing yourself to other coaches who seem to have a steady stream of new clients flowing in

... wondering "when is it going to be MY time?"

... settling for just imagining your “gift to self” purchase, investing for the future or having a great adventure.

Or, for just $37, you could use Soulful Selling and get...


If you're ready to double - even triple - your Strategy Session conversion rate, while LOVING every minute of each conversation, you'll want to take advantage of our special $37 limited offer now.

Lock this deal in now and make your next sales call the best conversation you've had all year!


Listen, for $37 even if you got ONE new idea or insight, it would be well worth it. 

But I'll go one step further and give you a Full 30-Days to log in and review the material.
If you don't think it's worth every penny (and then some), just let us know within 30 days and we'll provide a full refund.