Here's the #1 Key to Unlocking the Long-term Profit & Sustainability of Your Business: 

It's called the Transformational Journey... and we're about to show you exactly how to use it, so you can Package & Sequence your offers in such a way that first-time clients, become lifetime clients!

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The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Step

That is the Core Truth behind the idea of a Transformational Journey: 

That the "end game" of your ideal client (the solution, result, experience they most desire) quite likely cannot be realized in a single step.

Instead, they must traverse a journey of sorts, each fraught with it's own set of perils, challenges and obstacles that need to be navigated.

Many coaches, counsellors and healers make one of two critical mistakes:

1️⃣ Either, they try and sell everything, all at once, and it's simply too overwhelming, too expensive and too uncertain for potential clients to be able to easily and confidently say YES and start working with them.

2️⃣ Or, they sell single sessions, knowing full well that they can't fix everything in one session... and then having to turn around and RE-SELL the next session, every time, just to get the client to come back for one more session.  And the cycle repeats itself.

Here's what we recommend our clients do instead:

➡️ Identify the major milestones or waypoints along your customer's transformational journey, from struggling to thriving.

➡️ Then, create products, programs or services that provide resources and solutions for each of those unique, but related waypoints that your client needs to traverse.

➡️ Finally, package up each of your offerings in such a way that your client can clearly see the specific result they'll be working towards with you and understand the impact, possibility and urgency to say YES to getting this problem solved now.

How does this unlock the profit in your business?

When you SEQUENCE those offers in such a way that you're naturally solving problems for your clients in the order in which they have to face them, they will naturally want to work with you through the various steps of their journey!

Think of it like this:

If you help someone solve a specific problem, help them achieve a specific result, or alleviate a specific pain or frustration in their life...

...and then take the time to help them see what lies on the road ahead, they are going to be naturally inclined to want to work with YOU to solve that problem.

After all, you've just demonstrated that you can help them get where they're going!

And the best part is... when you sequence your offers in this way, you can focus your marketing primarily on the FIRST solution you offer, knowing that you'll be in a prime position to continue helping people once they've realized that first result.

It's time to unlock the profit in YOUR business!

If you're ready to serve your clients for the entire journey, from start to finish, and learn to craft clear and compelling offers for each solution you provide, you're in the right place.

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Meet Your Coaches

Kerry Vega and Paul Keetch are co-creators of Genius Business Academy, a place for heart-centered, service-based business owners to get the support they need to grow their business.

With over 30 years of combined experience, they believe in helping "changemakers" make the kind of difference they envision for their business.

Whether that's filling their 1:1 practice or scaling into groups, Kerry and Paul can help you prioritize which actions to take, and in what order, so you can see the most efficient and effective growth, long term.

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