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Build a Business You Love,
That Loves You Back!

The 5 Essential Ingredients Every Business Needs to create more
INCOME, IMPACT, and INSPIRATION in their business.

ARE YOU WILLING to take a chance that you'll end up hating the work you do (or worse, the people you work with)?

You know the stats...

20-30% of new businesses fail in the first year... and up to 50% fail with the first 5 years.

What's often not discussed is why.  

And in the case of many "healers and helpers" the reason comes down to INSPIRATION, more than it does INCOME.

If you're not Inspired by your business, it's much harder to talk about your business in a way that gets people excited...

...and to work up the energy to and determination to do the things that make a business successful.

Business Essentials, like:

If you'd like a business that provides the Income you need... makes the Impact you want to make in the world... AND has you feeling INSPIRED day in and day out, register now for the Inspired Business Kickstarter - a free 5-day online workshop where you'll create the foundation for YOUR Inspired Business.

Meet Kerry & Paul

Kerry Vega and Paul Keetch are co-creators of Genius Business Academy, a place for heart-centered, service-based business owners to get the support they need to grow their business.

With over 30 years of combined experience, they believe in helping "changemakers" make the kind of difference they envision for their business.

Whether that's filling their 1:1 practice or scaling into groups, Kerry and Paul can help you prioritize which actions to take, and in what order, so you can see the most efficient and effective growth, long term.

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