Ready to Wake Up to An Inbox of New Client Inquiries From People Who Know EXACTLY How You Can Help Them … and Want to Talk About Working Together?

Yes, it’s possible… and I’ve got just the thing to help you make it happen!

Introducing Unleash Your Genius Essentials!

For “non marketers” (a.k.a. Therapists and Counsellors) who just want to be able to talk about their business in a way that lets them help more people.

This “go-at-your-own-pace” On-Demand Self Study Program will help you clarify exactly who you’re helping and how you’re helping them, so you can create a brand message that POPS and attracts droves of “perfect-for-you” clients!

Never struggle to find the perfect words again!

Kerry Vega

  • Masters Degree in Clinical Counselling
  • Master Success Coach
  • Master Therapeutic Counsellor
  • Registered Counselling Supervisor
  • Registered and Licensed Professional Counsellor
  • Crisis De-escalation Master Trainer
  • Business Development and Marketing Trainer
  • Communications and Team Dynamics Educator

Hi there!

I’m Kerry Vega, and I am a Business Trainer, Practice Building Success Coach, Counsellor, Counselling Supervisor, Wife, and Mom to two little ones.

I’m a former clinical counsellor, turned branding and marketing ninja, who will lovingly kick-your-butt and hug you at the same time, while bringing my psychology-based Genius Branding and marketing to your business. (get ready for some huge breakthroughs )

As a therapist and coach myself, I know how important it is to stand out and become known for what makes you unique so that your clients can find you... and I know the challenges of trying to figure it out on your own.

The hard truth is...

...when it comes to branding and marketing Most Therapists & Counsellors are Just Guessing!

(after all, they don’t dedicate much time talking about the “real world” of getting clients, when we’re learning our craft and getting our certifications, do they?)

The result is that their income is often inconsistent and unreliable at best, never knowing for certain when and where their next client is going to come from (or if they're going to earn enough to cover their basic business expenses).

At worst?

Well, far too many fully-competent therapists and counsellors have had to resign themselves to working in a clinic ~ or worse, leave the field entirely ~ just to be able to earn a decent living.

Let alone feel like they’re thriving!

Whether you’re a Counsellor, Therapist, Alternative Healer, Psychotherapist or Behavioural Psychologist, you would have spent years learning, practicing, and honing your skills.

Years learning the hard way what works and what doesn’t work.

So why would you expect marketing and branding to be any different?

Learning the fine art of attracting the RIGHT clients to your website, social media profiles and, ultimately, to want to work with you can take thousands of hours (and countless mistakes!)

But most Counsellors and Therapists don’t have years (or thousands of dollars) to waste.

You need to be taking action now to start attracting clients who are ready, able and willing to pay for your services!


Does this sound familiar?

You KNOW you should be creating regular blog posts in your area of expertise, connecting with your fans and followers on social media, and making sure your website looks amazing (on the off chance someone actually clicks on one of your links)...

You know getting your name out there and networking in your local community is important, necessary even, but you always seem to get tongue-tied when anyone asks, “What do you do?”

You have a list as long as your arm of things you should be doing every week…

… but it’s also really exhausting

… incredibly time-consuming

… and worst of all, it hardly seems to be making any difference anyway!

So, what do you do?

You either...

... keep showing up, day after day, doing all those steps you know you’re supposed to do, thinking, “If I just keep going, someone will finally pay attention!”

… or you put it off for this week, telling yourself you’ll get to it next week with a fresh perspective and a renewed sense of energy (which often doesn’t end up happening).

… or you pay $100s per month to a Virtual Assistant to try and sound like you (which they never really can).

or you decide to finally make it easy on yourself (not to mention way more effective) for you to market your practice in a way that feels good for you AND attracts the kind of clients who are ready and willing to get started working with you.

That’s where Unleash Your Genius Essentials comes in, and why the way you talk about your business will never be the same again!

Here's Everything You Get for Just $37 Today:

On-Demand Video Training (mobile friendly!)

Instant (lifetime) Access to Unleash Your Genius Essentials, On-Demand Self Study Program comprising 23 short, easy to consume training videos.

Take as much (or as little!) time as you need!  I'll be there waiting for you, anytime day or night, wherever in the world you happen to be!

Get It Done Shortcuts, Worksheets and Templates

Most training modules include specific worksheets and exercises to help you apply what you’re learning, as you’re learning it (no more “hoping & praying” you’ll get to it later).  You’ll be able to feel yourself gaining momentum, the more clear you become.

Implementation Walkthroughs

Once you’ve developed your Genius Brand and are ready to update your website, we’ve got you covered with specific implementation training on how to translate your new messaging to your website, social media profiles and blog, podcast or interview appearances!

Join Today With Confidence:
You're Protected By My 14-Day Happiness Guarantee!

Join now for $37 and you’ll get instant access to the On-Demand Membership Portal.

Start going through the training videos, completing the assignments as you go.

If you’re not 100% happy with your decision in the first 14 days, just email us to let us know and we’ll provide a full refund of your purchase price.

Imagine If...

You actually looked forward to networking and having people ask, “What do you do?” because you’re so aligned and so connected with your gifts and passion, that the words just roll off your tongue.

Imagine waking up each morning to a filled appointment calendar with your favorite clients and new inquiries in your inbox from people who want to work with you.

Imagine actually looking forward to marketing yourself, knowing you are completely aligned and authentic with how you market and sell yourself and your services.

This is how it should be… and how it CAN be, for you too!

See you on the inside!

Xo Kerry