The 5 Elements of An Inspired Business
That Gives You the Income You Deserve, Lets You to Make the Impact You Desire and Fuels Your Inspiration!

by Paul Keetch & Kerry Vega

What is An Inspired Business?

An inspired business is one that fills you up, both financially, of course, as a business is meant to… but that also makes the difference for your clients that you envision (big or small)… AND has you feeling inspired by your clients and able to enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

This is YOUR Inspired Business, that you’ll design JUST for yourself, based on what matters most… to YOU!

Let's do this!

If any of those sound like you, you’re definitely in the right place!


This guide isn’t specifically about getting clients or updating your website or anything “tactical” like that.  It’s foundational.

It’s more like creating a list of everything you desire to experience while on vacation, more than it is about booking flights or hotels or other specific details.

By taking this foundational step, and creating a vision for your Inspired Business, you’ll be able to make decisions in the future, much more easily and quickly... 

Because you’ll know instantly whether they’re aligned with your vision... or not!

And this is super important because most business owners we talk to completely SKIP this process.  And they often end up with a business that owns them, rather than the other way around.

The Elements we will be sharing throughout this guide are ESSENTIAL to building a business that you love AND that loves you back.

Ready? Let’s jump in and get started!


Here’s how to put this into practice today:

Step 1 - Grab a piece of paper, or open a document on your computer, and spend a few minutes brainstorming all the different attributes that make a client IDEAL for you.  Don’t censor or edit yourself - just write or type all the different things that are important to you in an ideal client.

Step 2 - Once you’ve brainstormed a list of attributes, take some time to review them all and start to narrow the list down to the top 3.  There are no right or wrong answers here - choose the 3 attributes that feel best for YOU.

And remember, you can always change or update this at any time.  What we’re trying to do here is to start building your foundation.  But we’re not carving your answers in stone!

This is so important - it’s critical that you develop the skill (if you haven’t already) of getting things as close as you can, and then getting into the game and testing it in the real world.  You can always change things later if needed!

Once you’ve got your top 3 attributes of your ideal client, write them out as follows:

The top 3 attributes of a perfect-for-me client are: 

1) ___________

2) ___________

3) ___________

Take a few minutes and complete these steps now.

Feel free to Share your Top 3 Attributes below:

We’ll start off by talking about WHO your ideal clients are.

Now this is NOT about narrowing down your niche or defining your Avatar, although those things are important, of course.

Whether you already know the specific audience (or niche) that you want to serve, or not, THIS Element is about:

  ➡️ the ATTRIBUTES of the actual person you’ll be working with; and

  ➡️ what makes them an IDEAL POTENTIAL CLIENT to work with You

So many coaches, therapists and healers set up their marketing systems and their other business systems to accept ANYONE who walks through the door.

Unfortunately, this often results in far FEWER clients than they desire (and require) for their business to be successful.

This happens, in part, because the words and language they use in their marketing and sales process are too generic: they’re trying to speak to ANYONE and EVERYONE.

But because the language is so “general” in nature, the truly ideal clients usually can’t recognize themselves or the problems they're facing.

This means that, all too often, the coach or healer needs to try and convince people to work with them.

We have a saying:

“If you have to drag them in, you’ll have to drag them through.”

What this means is, if you have to CONVINCE someone to work with you, you’re setting yourself up for problems down the road, because they’re not truly committed to the process.

Instead, we want to identify the characteristics that make someone an ideal candidate to work with you.

Their attitudes, behaviours, and attributes.

For us, there are 3 primary things we look for when speaking with new potential clients:

1️⃣ Committed - they are serious about the work we’re talking about doing together, and are going to work towards that result, whether or not they get our help with it.

2️⃣ Coachable - they realize that they don’t know everything and are open to hearing a different perspective, being shown their blind spots, etc.

3️⃣ Action Oriented - this is a big one for us - when they learn something new, our best clients move immediately into action.  They understand that it’s only by DOING something, that they’re going to figure out what works best.

There are a lot more things that make a potential client ideal for us, not the least of which is their ability to pay for our help, and have FUN! These elements didn't make our top 3... but in our experience, people who have those 3 traits...

...ALSO tend to pay and are a tonne of fun to work with!

However, just having money and fun isn’t enough, we want clients that are going to get results!  That’s why we’ve chosen these are our top 3 Ideal Client Attributes.

Next let's talk about WHAT you’ll help your clients with.

Specifically, the problem you’ll solve, or the solution you’ll offer FIRST, in most instances.

When we talk about this with business owners, a couple of objections often come up right away, that can prevent them from CHOOSING their “entry point” service.

An entry point service is just that - the entry point at which most of your clients will start working with you.  And, it’s the thing you’ll become known for in your market, and which you can build your business around!

So let’s talk about the two objections that come up, so we can handle those first in case your brain also has one, or both, of these concerns.

The first objection your brain might try and come up with is:

“But I can help people with all sorts of different problems - I can’t narrow it down to just one!”

This is true for most service based business owners I talk to.  They can often help many different types of people, with many different types of problems.

But here’s one thing we’ve learned in our combined 30+ years in this industry:

When you try and solve ALL the problems, you’ll end up solving none of them!

The reason for this is quite simple really. 

If you were to try and market yourself as a solution to every problem, it’s hard for people to see their specific situation in your message!

They walk by your advertisement, or marketing material, and it doesn’t speak to them about the challenges they’re facing, in that moment.

And so it doesn’t capture their attention, and they keep going.

A few minutes later, they might run across a different advertisement that DOES speak to their specific situation.  So they stop, jot down the number or the website and make a point to follow up later, to get the help they need.

Being very clear about the Entry Point Problem you solve will allow you to talk about your business in a way that has your ideal clients stop in their tracks when they come across YOUR advertising or marketing message.

They’ll KNOW it’s for them, because speaking to a specific problem allows you to use words and language specific to that situation - words and language your potential client will IMMEDIATELY recognize.

The second objection your mind might try and come up with is:

“But if I narrow my marketing to ONLY one problem I solve, or solution I offer, that means I can never help people in other ways!”

Of course, this isn’t true either.

Choosing to focus your business on ONE entry point allows you to market more effectively, and get the attention of the people who have that particular problem.

Once you’ve solved that problem, you can always offer to help solve OTHER problems your client may also be experiencing!

One of the things we help our clients do is to SEQUENCE those offers or solutions in the most logical way, so they can start with ONE specific entry point problem

...and then once that problem is solved, offer to solve the next logical problem their clients are likely to face! 

And so on... for each additional problem!

This is one of the KEYS to unlocking SUCCESS and PROFIT in your business.

Solving problems in a logical, sequential order, so that you bring people in with the Entry Point Problem they’re facing… and then solve ALL of their related problems.

Think of it like this - someone knocks at your front door and you welcome them in to the “entry point” (or front hall) by helping them solve their first problem.

Then, over the course of time, you walk them through the “house” of your business, showing them room after room, solving problem after problem, until you finally end up in the backyard, by the pool, in celebration! 

Here's How to identify your Entry Point Problem:

First, it's important to remember that people do not buy counselling or coaching or therapy or bodywork.  That may or may not come as a surprise to you.  

What they actually buy is a solution to their problem.

And they very likely do not have the same awareness that you have, as to what their problem really is.  What they are really aware of is the symptoms of their problem.  

For our purposes today, that’s what I want you to focus on.  The symptoms.  

And being able to narrow down the symptoms to One Main Problem (or set of related problems) that is motivating enough that they want to take action around it. 

They find it so painful, or challenging that they actually will prioritize it in their schedule and they will pay money to fix, correct, prevent or accomplish something specific.

They complain to their friends about it.
The google it at 2am when they can’t sleep. 

This problem is their motivator to seek help. 

This is your Entry Point Problem.


Here’s how to do it:

Step 1 - In a moment, Grab a piece of paper, or open a document on your computer, and spend a few minutes brainstorming all the different things you help your clients with.  (don’t worry about the symptoms yet, we will address that next).

Specifically keep in mind the type of client you chose yesterday when thinking about how you work with them. 

Ex. You might help your clients with mindset work (negative thought patterns), communication skills, nutrition education, healing past trauma, or parenting strategies for parents of autistic children.

Step 2 - Once you’ve brainstormed a list of what you help with, take some time to review them all and start to narrow down to one main issue that you want to focus on first with your clients.  There are no right or wrong answers here - choose the one that feels best for YOU.

Step 3 - Now, based on the main issue you have chosen to help your clients with, I want you to brainstorm the top 3 symptoms these clients would likely have, if they did not know how to fix this, or do this well?  So if you help with nutrition education, what would the symptoms be for someone that has never learned your beliefs on nutrition.  Would it be hormonal imbalances?  Weight gain? etc.

Step 4 - Now I want you to consider your list of symptoms and circle ONE symptom that you believe would affect their lives the most and that they ARE AWARE OF.

Ok, now it’s your turn!

Go ahead and complete the 4 steps to figure out YOUR entry point problem.

Share your Entry Point Problem below:


Here's how to use this today:

Take a moment right now and tune in to your “intuitive response” of whether you want to work with your clients VIRTUALLY or IN PERSON primarily.

As we mentioned earlier, you can ultimately offer both options, if you choose, but an Inspired Business takes YOUR preferences into account first and foremost, as there are always clients who will want different options.

The next thing you’ll want to do is identify the primary WAY in which you’ll work with your clients, in that modality.

Meaning, if you want to work IN PERSON with clients, you may want to do in person 1:1, in person group seminars or workshops, etc.

Or, if working virtually, you may want to do Online Group Coaching, or perhaps Private Mentoring or Counselling, in a one-to-one situation.

NOW… Once you’ve identified the primary way in which you’d like to work with your clients, go ahead and complete the following sentence:

I will work with my clients primarily ______ (in person or virtually) in a ____ 1-to-1 OR group) capacity.

Will You Work Virtually or In Person?

Now you're going to identify WHERE you will deliver your particular brand of support and transformation to your clients.

This step is vital because by doing so, you’ll start to set up your business in a way that allows you to engage with your clients in a way that is most beneficial to YOU, first and foremost.

And it will allow you to market and sell your services in a way that attracts people who ALSO want to work in this particular way.

Essentially this comes down to the specific method or modality you’ll use to deliver your service ~ coaching, counselling, therapy or healing ~ to your clients.

There are TWO primary ways to consider when deciding WHERE you’ll help your clients. They are:

  ➡️ VIRTUALLY; or


Working virtually with your clients means that you’re using some form of technology to connect with your clients remotely.

There are a number of ways this could show up in your business:

* Using a video service, such as Zoom, or a webinar platform like GoToWebinar
* On the phone
* Via pre-recorded video, audio or written materials that you host online
* Through a private online community (such as a Facebook Group) where clients can ask questions and receive support

One MAJOR advantage of Virtual support is that you are not limited to your local geographic area when looking for clients… and that there’ s no travel required on either your, or their part.

We know many coaches, counsellors, therapists and healers that work exclusively with their clients in this way… and have THRIVING businesses.

Offering virtual support allows people who need your help to get it, without ever having to leave the comfort of their own homes and without the expense of having to travel to your location.

In Person, of course, means that you’ll work with your clients Face-to-Face, in the physical world.

In person- can occur in several different ways:

* You could visit your clients at THEIR location
Your clients might come to YOUR home or office
* Clients come to a specific location (that may or may not be in your home/office)
* Attend a workshop, seminar, retreat or VIP experience

Working in person with your clients can often feel more intimate and safe for your client.  

Depending on the nature of the work you want to do, and your own desires and personality, working in person may be the best option for you!

It is absolutely possible to offer a combination of Virtual & In Person support, however, we strongly recommend that you pick ONE primary method or modality you’ll use to work with your clients at first.

You can always use the other option as a back up or “special case” option (if you want to) for people who may not fit into your preferred option.

Or you can ultimately COMBINE BOTH and offer a blend of in person and virtual support.

Here’s WHY THIS is so  IMPORTANT...

Knowing at the start of your business (or starting now, if you’re already IN business) will help you market and sell your services more effectively, by enabling you to use language that can attract people who ALSO want to work in that particular way.

For example, if you’re doing in person workshops or VIP days where your clients may have to fly to your location, being able to talk about the advantages and opportunities of that kind of connection will actually make it easier to attract clients who prefer to learn in that environment.

It can also inform WHERE you market your services.

For example, if you want to work with people face-to-face, in a counselling or therapy setting, you will likely want to MARKET your services LOCALLY.

Even if you’re using online marketing or paid advertising such as Facebook Ads, you’ll want to ensure that you’re reaching a local market, otherwise your advertising money could be wasted.

In the same way, if you’re working virtually, via zoom or through an online course or training of some kind, that will also inform where and how you market and sell your services.

It's time to figure out WHEN you’ll do your business!

This is a super important element of the foundation of your business, because it will create a framework, and a set of boundaries for YOU, so that:

* you don’t burn out,
* you don’t get overwhelmed and, ultimately,
* you are able to LOVE working on your business… 

...because it gives you the time (and money) to do the things you want to do OUTSIDE of your business.

So what do I mean when I say “WHEN will you work on your business?”

WHEN you work on your business is the specific set of boundaries you’ll put in place to ensure that you have enough time to do the things necessary for your business.

Things like:

* Working with clients directly
* Answering emails/phone messages
* Marketing & Sales
* Business development
* Admin activities, including accounting and managing your finances

Many business owners forget to take these other activities into account, and only outline the amount of time they’ll spend working with clients.

But without all those other areas, it’s super easy to get overrun by the various activities required to have a successful business, leaving no time for yourself to enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

And while there ARE going to be times when it’s necessary to dedicate more time in the short term to get important projects completed, it’s also important to balance those with times where you get to completely enjoy your life, outside of business.

So, how do you do that?

Really, it’s an ever-evolving process that starts with a particular plan that you start with and then modify over time as you figure out what works for you, and what doesn’t.

And, it’s important to remember that not everyone has the same needs!

You've got to figure out what your needs are, so you can build YOUR Inspired Business... not someone else's!


Here are some questions for you to consider:

Do I prefer working in the morning, afternoon or evening?

Do I prefer to work one long stretch, or break up my day with non-work activities in the middle?

When am I most effective?

If I had a magic wand, how much time would I spend in my business each day/week/month?

Do I want to work evenings?  Weekends?  What time do i want to stop seeing clients throughout the week? What time do I want to stop business activities?

What are my priorities that I want to incorporate into my work week?  Have I made time for self care, adventure, kids drop-off and pick-up?  What about vacations?

I recommend spending a little bit of time with this one, feeling into it to see what you think might work best for you.

Remember, one of the benefits of running your own business is that you can do it on YOUR schedule!

And your ideal clients WILL be able to fit themselves into your schedule rather than you needing to fit around theirs. 

Share your Inspired Schedule and Make it Real!


Here’s what you can do NOW…

Create 3 unique and independent Inspired Business Statements that outline and articulate YOUR 3 motivating whys.

Your INCOME why - the tangible and every day benefits that your business will provide for you.

Your IMPACT why - the effect your work will have in the lives of your clients and the world at large.

Your INSPIRATION why - how you’ll FEEL when you are delivering your gifts and living your purpose in the world!

Spend some time with this one, but also remember that… this is about PROGRESS, Not Perfection.

It’s about creating a FIRST VERSION of your why statements that will help you get started on your mission in the world, and allow you to get in the game.

You can always update (or modify) one or more of your Inspired Business Statements... as you get deeper clarity about what’s most important to you and what will fulfill you the most.

This process is all about YOU and creating an Inspired Business that you can not only be proud of… but that feels AMAZING to work on and that pays you handsomely for your contribution to your clients lives, so that you can feel secure and enjoy the fruits of your efforts - in whatever way YOU desire!

And remember, when you’ve got your 3 Whys, share them.

...but more importantly, I believe that something almost magical happens when you publicly state these whys.

Instead of living inside your head (or on a sheet of paper in your office) it becomes a real, living thing outside of yourself.

And when others bear witness to these statements, they ripple out into the world in ways we can’t even begin to imagine!

What Are YOUR 3 Whys?

Lastly we’re going to be exploring what we believe can be the MOST POWERFUL lesson of all… 

...and the thing that will help you CREATE, and KEEP momentum in your business, even during the long days, and occasionally hard nights, of being a business owner.

It is all about WHY you’re doing your business in the first place.

Your Why (or in this case, your THREE Whys) are the driving force that will keep you motivated to keep going in your business, even when things feel difficult or don’t necessarily go the way you want them to.

One thing we know for sure about business is that it is an ever-evolving process, and having a powerful set of internal and external motivators will help keep you going, no matter what else is going on around you.

At Genius Business Academy, we believe that having THREE layers of motivation will help you connect to your purpose, and the benefits of pursuing your business.

Those 3 layers are:

  1️⃣ Income

  2️⃣ Impact

  3️⃣ Inspiration

So let’s take a look at each of them.

Your INCOME WHY is the set of practical benefits you’ll get from your business, both in money your business makes and the money YOU receive personally from your business.

Many coaches, therapists and healers only think about the TOP LINE revenue of their business - how much they bring in each month (or year).

And they forget to account for the fact that there are many expenses in business that chip away at that revenue, before they are able to pay themselves.

And this can be hugely discouraging... when they meet their REVENUE goals, but then discover that they aren’t able to pay themselves as much as they’d like, due to those business expenses.

So the SECURITY of having enough revenue in the business to both pay for the business expenses ~ like marketing, technology, office space, etc ~ AND enough to pay YOU what you need personally, for things like mortgage or rent, food, bills, as well as having enough left over for savings is important.

This element of WHY also takes into account the FREEDOM that having a successful business can offer you… and how you’ll USE that freedom to fully enjoy your life!

Here’s an example of how an INCOME + Freedom Why might look:

My business provides me with the time, energy and money to do what I want, with whom I want, for as long as I want.

My business provides me the opportunity to feel secure financially, spend more time with my family (or going on epic adventures -  or both!).

What is important to YOU may be different from what’s important to us or to someone else, so you’ll want to spend some time thinking about what is most powerful for you, in your current situation.

The second Why is your IMPACT WHY.

This is all about the altruistic or external benefits of the work you do in the world.  

It’s about connecting to the impact ~ and the subsequent ripples ~ that your clients or customers will experience and how that will make THEIR world a better place (and hopefully the world at large, as well).

You likely already know that when someone is struggling or suffering with a particular problem, it has an impact far wider than just the context of that problem.

For example, if someone is struggling with a health issue, that also affects their relationships with their loved ones, their ability to enjoy their job or career and to be effective at it.

Similarly, if someone is struggling in their business or career, that can also affect their relationships, as well as their health!

And of course, if someone is struggling in their relationship, that affects how they are showing up at work, how they treat themselves and ultimately can have a detrimental effect on their health and well-being.

Nothing exists in isolation!

So getting connected to the true impact of helping people solve their most pressing problems is MORE than just relieving their symptoms in that one area.

It affects everything they do!

And when we, as individuals and as a collective group, improve ONE area of our lives, it has a ripple effect on the other areas as well.

Here are a couple of examples of an IMPACT WHY:

My business helps my clients create powerful relationships built on trust, compassion and love, which extends out to create a more peaceful, harmonious world at large.

My business exists to help women rediscover their true power and potential, allowing them to live more purposefully and authentically, while also setting a potent example for the other women and girls in their lives.

I hope you’re seeing how this level of WHY motivation can help you stay connected to your true purpose in your business!

The 3rd and final WHY is your INSPIRATION WHY.

Inspiration, in this context, is the degree to which you are feeling INSPIRED and VALUED in your business, every day.

It’s about accessing your personal GENIUS and spending as much of your time as possible IN your genius zone - doing the things you are absolutely best at, delivering your gift in the most aligned and authentic way possible…

...while feeling amazing doing it!

Some examples of INSPIRATION WHYS are:

My business allows me to deliver my gifts to the world in a way that feels authentic and aligned, accessing the best parts of myself.

My business allows me to access my core strengths and skills in a way that feels amazing for me, and delivers a noticeable impact in the lives of my clients and the world at large.

Each of these 3 layers of WHY are incredibly valuable on their own…

...but when combined together, they provide a POWERFUL force, almost like a magnet or gravitational pull, that will keep you motivated, inspired and on track, no matter what else is going on around you!

The Wrap Up

We’re so glad that you’re here today, and we hope you’ve been able to use this information to create a powerful foundation and vision for your Inspired Business!

We like to say… Build a business you love, that loves you back!  That’s our vision for ourselves… and our vision for you, as well, if you choose it.

We believe that it’s possible to have a successful business that not only gives you the income you need, but ALSO makes the impact you desire and is ALSO inspiring to you personally and allows you to access your deepest gifts!

There is a lot of talk in the business training world about “7 figure business” and “hustle hard” and “help a million people”... but not everyone WANTS that kind of business.

We believe that YOU get to choose what kind of business you want.

If you WANT a multi-7-figure business that serves millions… great!  Go build it.

But if you want a business that deeply serves a smaller community, while providing you with the opportunity to be of service in the way that feels great for you… that’s just as great!

We just want to thank you personally, for being willing to give your gifts to the world, in the service of those people out there who are currently suffering from the problem you can help them solve.

And if you’d like any help, guidance or advice as you build WHATEVER your inspired business looks like - we’d love to help!

Just email us at and we’d be more than happy to set up a time to talk about your situation and how we might be able to help.

Until then… Be AMAZING! 

Got Something to say? Share it below! 

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